Rev. Gregory Lindsey

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Greetings! My name is Greg Lindsey, and I am the pastor here at Simeon United Lutheran Church in Gratz, Pa. I would like to take this time to introduce myself and tell you a little about my background.
I was born and grew up in Roanoke, Virginia. Roanoke is in Southwest Virginia nestled in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I grew up in the country life where we always had a full garden, an apple orchard, quarter horses roaming the pastures, and my dad was an avid beekeeper. We rode western and I have many fond memories doing overnight trail rides and camping on the trail. I loved sports and played football and wrestled most of my junior high and high school years.
I graduated from Roanoke College in 1982 with a degree in Psychology. What did I do with my hard-earned degree? I return to the restaurant business from which I had worked my way through high school and college. After 2 years in restaurant management, I had grown weary of working 7 days a week and 14–16-hour days. I loved the business, but decided it was time to get a normal job. For the next 15 years, I worked for what is now Wells Fargo bank starting in collections, loan operations manager. I finally found my passion in computer programming and systems administration. After the end of 15 years, I began to feel the call to ministry which I had felt at other times in my life. I made the big decision move my family, which now included two boys, to Gettysburg, PA where I would attend the Lutheran Theology Seminary at Gettysburg. I graduated from Seminary in 2007 and by this time we had added the newest member to our family, Nathan, who was two.

My first call was to a church in Manchester, PA in northeast York country. Unfortunately, in 2011, I suffered a minor stroke. I had only minor paralysis, but the trauma of the stroke proved to be extremely detrimental to my overall health. I took a leave from call and was on disability for the next few years. In a diligent search for opportunities to begin the process of returning to full time ministry, I was called as a residing pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in south York. The people there were fantastic, and Pastor Stan Reep proved to be the perfect colleague. After 7 months at St. Paul’s, the most remarkable thing happened. I was asked to be a long-term supply preacher at a church in some place called Gratz, PA. One thing happened after another and much to my pleasure; I was asked to serve as an Interim. I am very excited about this opportunity and diligently look forward to bringing all of my years of experience, skills, and talents to the ministry of this remarkable congregation.

Please join us for Sunday School at 9:00 am and worship at 10:15 each Sunday. You also can tune into to WQLV-98.9 FM every Sunday at 7:30 am to listen to the previous Sunday’s service.

May the Lord always bless and keep you.

Pastor Gregory B. Lindsey
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